Custom Websites
coded from scratch

Awesome websites, built from the ground up to function exactly how you want. Designed with your specific style in mind, your website will give off the exact vibes you're going for.

Responsive Design
for every screen

Coded to automatically adapt to any screen size, your website will grab attention on mobile phones, computer screens, and beyond.

Bionic Critter Computer Graphic Bionic Critter Mobile Graphic

Unlimited edits,
updates, and support.
No extra charge.

When your site needs a change, I'll take care of it at no extra cost. Updating menus, posting pictures, sharing events, or anything else you can think of, hit me up and I'll make it happen.


Bath Brush and Beyond Bath Brush and Beyond website screenshot

Stylish, local dog grooming salon, serving Albuquerque and beyond for 20+ years.

Bath Brush and Beyond

Dave's Restaurants Dave's Restaurants website screenshot

A local restaurant legend, Dave currently runs two top-rated restaurants in Albuquerque.

Dave's Restaurants

$150 per month flat

No extra charges.


Also included:

Domain Management

I'll handle your domain and cover any renewal payments, as long as we're working together.

Unlimited Hosting

I'll get your website online, and cover any costs associated with keeping it online.

Mailing List
for your business

Bionic Critter built websites include a newsletter that your site visitors can sign up for. Just let me know what to include, and I'll send a monthly email blast with your business's latest news to everyone signed up.

Contact Form

Custom coded, we can include any fields you want. Form submissions are sent to an email address of your choice, to easily integrate with your existing email.

Bonus Tier:

For $50 more per month:

Unlimited Photography

Professional product photos, staff/building photos, or even video clips for your website. Also, unlimited photo editing, so you can snap photos yourself and send them my way for touch ups.

Graphic Design

Need a menu redesigned? Does your logo need touching up? Or, do you need a new logo altogether? I'll take care of it.


Need some data entered? I got you. I'll type it up however you need, and share it with you in an editable and printable format.

Anything else?

Just ask! I'll see what I can do, and point you in the right direction if it's beyond me!